Dear Judie,

THANK YOU so much for this morning! It was wonderful meeting you, your husband,
family and friends this morning.  I really meant it when I said it was like a little piece of
Heaven to me (and us) to be around your gorgeous Cavaliers and all of the precious
puppies.  Roxanne is beautiful and so very cute...we both love her so much and can't
wait to pick her up on the 4th of August.

Also, thanks so much for your kindness, hospitality and putting up with all of my
questions.  But, as we've discussed on the phone and through e-mails, we were
looking for a conscientious breeder, since we had all of the health problems with our
first precious Cavaliers.  And, we certainly found the Absolute BEST when we found

Thank you again for everything.

Velva & Don
Dear Judie
What can I say? Almost twenty years of Encore cockers have brought me nothing but joy,
love and happiness! Dudley and Daisy, my first pair, were absolutely perfect. I know I told
you that when I first brought them with me to New York City, I was stopped by not one, but
two foreign tourists who snapped photos of them because they were so beautiful. It always
brings a smile to my face to think of those two living on in people’s vacation photos!!
Dudley and Daisy were as special to me in their golden years as they were when I first got
them. They both lived to almost sixteen years – a stunning testimony of your careful fine
breeding to bring the best of the line to your clients! Your dedication to the breed
manifests itself in every fine pup you produce.
We now have Halley and Hayden – another fine pair of Encore cockers! I thank you for all
you have done for the breed and know that I will reap the benefits of your lifelong devotion
to cocker spaniels with another ten years and more of wonderful companionship. Thank
Warm regards,
It is that time of year - when Izzy's B'day rolls/ed around that I think of you.  Thank you, for
your wonderful gift.  She is happy as a clam.  I often say that she is a gift because I have
never had such a sweet, loving little girl. Honestly, she would rather sit in my lap getting petted
than eat. Also, wanted to give you an update on Obie (black/tan cocker purchased by my son
Ryan Letzeiser).  She and Ryan are doing great - she, too is a "sweetheart".  Ryan has
completed his graduate degree, has moved, and taken a position as a real estate developer in
Charleston, SC  - so far from mom : (.  The two of them are enjoying the beautiful city that they
now call home.  Thank you, again, for my wonderful baby.She runs with the best of them -
chasing the geese around our yard.  Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer.  Again, thank
you, Margie C
Now that Chelsea has been with us for a month, I thought I'd give you a current update.  She is
absolutely thriving and becoming the most wonderful little companion.

We have attended puppy kindergarten the last two weeks and she keeps getting her gold
stars.  She has mastered sit, down, stand, wait and recall.  She is learning to play fetch. I am still
amazed at what a quick learner she is and so eager to please.  Everyone loves her.  Potty
training met a new milestone yesterday as she went to the door, on her own, three times to go
out to potty.  Major event in our house.  She is now sleeping at night for about 6 hours at a
stretch, which means I get to sleep as well!

My husband, who wasn't real keen on me getting a dog after we lost Reggie, has been
completely captivated by her and brags about what a sweet girl she is.  He wanted me to be
sure and tell you that he gives you, the breeder, lots of credit for the quality of your dogs
Bonnie V